Without a doubt, the best work from home job is a high ticket business opportunity. This sort of online business opportunity may also be known as a top tier business opportunity. If the terms, “high ticket” and “top tier”, are new to you, you’ll find that our comprehensive guide gives you the inside scoop on what they mean and how to find.

Once you’ve discovered the value of this type of “work from home job” opportunity, you may just be tempted to pursue it yourself!

A lot of people all over the world are accumulating wealth (and enjoying the sense of autonomy that comes from home-based employment) by taking advantages of high ticket and top tier business opportunities. These sorts of opportunities are not pipe dreams – in fact, they pay off beautifully for most participants and they are available to anyone who wants to try them.

This is how I was able to quit my 9-5 in less then two years of starting a work from home job.

With this is mind, let’s educate you by defining high ticket/top tier opportunities. After we do this, we’ll create a little contrast by explaining why other types of home-based employment opportunities offer decidedly fewer advantages.

What are High Ticket Business Opportunities?

High ticket business opportunities are home-based employment opportunities, whereby participants promote special offers on high ticket items. When sales are generated via these promotional activities (and no direct selling is ever required when done right), participants receive commissions.

Since the price of top tier items is high, commissions are also high. In some cases, commissions are high enough that participants are able to work just a few hours a day, or even less, which leads to an amazing life style.

After all, when it’s possible to make 5k or more per commission, earnings add up rapidly. The potential of this type of opportunity is huge and this is why we rank it at number one in terms of what it has to offer to participants from all walks of life.

This is the allure of high ticket opportunities and this is why they are definitely the best work from home job options.

Making a lot of money on every sale that you generate will give you the power to live an ideal lifestyle. It’s all about making excellent money, while enjoying yourself.

This bring us to one of the great paradoxes of money. Typically if you have a lot of time you don’t have a lot of money. On the other hand if you have a lot of money you usually don’t have a lot of time. This is why top tier is the best work from home jobs available.

It’s about freedom and building a wonderful future by having both the time and money freedom. That is having a great income while having the time off to enjoy it.

This is what I refer to as the sweet spot of life.

As this stage, you’re probably curious about which top tier business opportunity provides the most advantages. One option to consider is MOBE.

What MOBE Has to Offer

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education and it’s a top tier business opportunity with a strong and positive reputation. It is one of if not the fastest growing work from home job opportunities online.

We recommend the platinum level of membership  as this will give you access to the highest commissions. Costs of membership are very reasonable and motivated affiliates are able to earn money by promoting MOBE or by creating their own niches and promoting them. There is also the option of earning rewards points via the program’s successful rewards program, which is known as MOBE Motors.

Members gain access to full details about what the MOBE program is and how it works. You are then partnered up with a successful coach who will work with you one on one to help you along.  That way you are going to fast track your success. You will never be confused on what to do next  and in fact your coach will answer all your questions in real time.

In terms of MOBE’s advantages, this program offers a phone sales team, sales videos which are created for participants and access to the MOBE Motors reward program.

This reward program is just for MOBE affiliates.

Other high ticket programs often lack these tools and perks. Suffice it to say that participants of other programs generally aren’t too happy about failing to receive the tools and perks that they want and need. Not to mention unless you are a seasoned marketer you will need some one on one coaching to reach your income goals in the shortest amount of time.

Other Opportunities Don’t Measure Up

There are other ways to make money online. However, most other opportunities just don’t offer the same benefits. For example, affiliate marketing programs which involve the promotion of low-ticket items typically pay low commissions. In addition, most affiliate marketing programs don’t offer participants the same backup and incentives that MOBE does!

Getting started with MOBE will be much easier than starting from scratch. This is why I recommend it over starting your own business form the ground up. The infrastructure for success is already there and this is why MOBE is the “golden ticket” for those who want to make lots of  money and are searching for the best work form home job.


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