Making money from home can be easy – it doesn’t have to necessitate endless hours of work in front of a computer screen. As well, it doesn’t need to involve risk, if you pick a proven home business opportunity.

The way I recommend to find the best home business opportunity is to shop around carefully. You’ll need to find a work from home opportunity that is a proven winner. This means that it’s an opportunity which has delivered money and perks to many participants all over the world.

First, let me talk about something that isn’t talked about much.


In fact most wont.
Most people don’t do anything when they join one of these home business opportunities. They simple sign up and wait for the money to come in…. I ain’t coming.

Let me tell you about most people.
Most people who go on diets don’t lose weight or the weight comes back and in a lot of cases they gain even more weight.

Does that mean diets don’t work?
Most people who start college don’t finish.
Does that mean college doesn’t works?
Most doctors aren’t the high income specialists like neurosurgeons or vascular surgeons.
Does that mean becoming a doctor is a scam?

Once you start looking for the best home based business opportunities people will come out of the provable woodwork to try and convince you it’s a scam or you can’t do it.

They will tell you how their sisters, daughters, ex boyfriends mailman’s cousin tried something and it didn’t work or they got scammed. They may mean well, but it’s complete BS.

The real story is they joined and didn’t market or advertise their business. Or they were told to chase their friends and family around like in good ol’ MLM days and it didn’t work.
Also, keep in mind home business opportunities vary widely, from starting a virtual storefront to doing affiliate marketing to promoting business opportunities for commissions. Which also means results will vary.

See the first two options are pretty labor-intensive.

The third requires less effort and offers more potential. So, let’s talk about how to find and promote special business offers for pay. We’ll focus on one successful model which offers participants the chance to earn extremely high commissions on every sale that they generate.

These opportunities are known as high-ticket, top-tier opportunities and they are truly the cream of the crop. In my opinion they are the best home business opportunities.

Now, let’s get into more detail by outlining the features of these exciting home business opportunities.

What are Top-tier Business Opportunities?

Some online money-making programs don’t really pay off in a life-changing way. Participants promote low-ticket items and this means that their commissions are low.

With top-tier business opportunities, it’s different.

High-ticket items, such as luxury cars, master minds, events, vacations etc… are promoted and commissions tend to be really high. For example, when a mastermind is sold due a participant’s promotional work, a commission may be $5,500 or higher.

Doesn’t that beat a $7 commission?

When you seek out the right top-tier, high-ticket business opportunity, you’ll be able to access a whole new lifestyle.

You can take the trips you’ve always wanted.
You can have the house you’ve always opportunities
You can donate to the charities you’ve always wanted to.
You can help out your friends and family like you’ve always wanted to.

As well, this type of program will have all of the VIP perks that most people want.

For instance with MOBE/MTTB you can participate in the Mobe motors program. This means access to points reward programs which put you in line to receive valuable merchandise or a leased luxury car which is paid for by the company.

The most economically important thing to look for is a company that sells expensive items. The higher the price of these desirable items, the higher your commission is likely to be.

You will need to know that a program actually earns money for its participants and that these participants access prompt payments, support from the parent company and all of the learning resources that they need. It helps big time if there is some type of training program too.

Just keep in mind promoting cheap stuff online isn’t the smartest way to earn money from your home.

For example, e-books are cheap items and it’s difficult to earn a decent commission by promoting these digital books online. Yet, if you check top affiliate marketplace sites you will find a lot of people trying to make a ton of money by selling them.

Which is why 99% of those people fail to make a 6 figure income by selling ebooks.

As well, most items which are promoted via affiliate marketing are low-ticket items, from e-courses to marketing tools and beyond. With low-ticket money-making opportunities, you’ll need to spark the sale of very high numbers of products in order to make good money. This is pretty hard to do and even harder to sustain.

Can you really see yourself getting 400 sales of a Ebook at $25 bucks to make $10,000 every single month?

I personally can make over $19,000 from a single customer.
If we compare the two, one of us will be working a lot harder for a lot less money.

Which would you choose?

Conversely, expensive items basically sell themselves when marketed correctly. People who buy these items usually have a lot of disposable income to throw around and they prefer to buy the very best. This is why promoting expensive items will be the best way to make great money from home.

These programs offer life-changing benefits and they usually require very little work each day, because you don’t need as many sales. Once you understand this concept, it’s really easy to see why I prefer top-tier type home business opportunities.


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